As a man thinks is often the way you treat yourself and how you behave in life. If you think you are worth nothing and you are the scum of the earth there is a change that you will act like you are the cum of the earth.

As a man thinks

But if you think you are quit something. That you are smart, intelligent, creative and worth spending time with, then that is in most of the cases how you behave yourself. So the way you see yourself is very important, because it is the way that you will behave in life.

The Fruit Or The Root

An apple can not bear pears or oranges. An apple tree bears apples. If you want an apple tree to bear pears then you have a problem. You can try to change the outcome, but it is in the root of the tree that decides what to bear.

Freedom on Your Mind

The same goes for who you are. If you have a bad habit of getting extremely angry in some cases, you can try to change the fruit of you angriness, but a better way is to change the root.

Five steps to get a better self image – As a Man Thinks

  • Start reading books about self improvement
  • Speak out loud who you want to be. For instance: “I am great!” “I am awesome!” “I can do this!”
  • Fill your life with positive people around you
  • Start hanging out with people that like you
  • Don’t watch too much TV


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